Account means the account that you register in order to submit an Order;

Acknowledgement means our confirmation of your Order (typically sent by email);

Agreement means these terms and conditions and other policies we posted on the Website, including but not limited Shipping and Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Payment Policy and other associated policies published by us from time to time;

Breach of Duty means the breach of any

1. obligation arising from the express or implied terms of a contract to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill in the performance of the contract; or

2. common law duty to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill (but not any stricter duty).

Business Day means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday or public holiday in New South Wales;

Company includes representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates, related parties, officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, and independent contractors;

Customer means the individual who places an Order on the Website;

GST means the Goods and Services Tax;

Liability means liability in or for breach of contract, Breach of Duty, misrepresentation, restitution or any other cause of action whatsoever relating to or arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation, liability expressly provided for under these Terms and Conditions or arising by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of these Terms and Conditions (and for the purposes of this definition, all references to these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to include any collateral contract)

Order means the order submitted by you to the Website to purchase products from us.

Product(s) means the products to be sold to Customers via the Website in accordance with this agreement;

You means the Customer who places an Order.

2. Interpretation

3. Headings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction of this Agreement.

4. Words imparting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. Words imparting a gender shall include every gender and references to persons shall include an individual, company, corporation, firm or partnership.

5. Words denoting persons includes natural persons, partnerships, limited Liability partnerships, bodies corporate and unincorporated associations of persons.

6. References to includes or including or like words or expressions shall mean without limitation.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 05 July 2022.