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Thrifty Treasure is brand of Ritika Textile. Ritika Textile is known as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Home furnishing Made-ups & Floor Covering, not only in India but also all over the globe. Having extensive experience, we have been manufacturing and exporting our exceptional products according to clients’ requirements since 2017. With our comprehensive range of fashionable hand-made carpets, rugs and home furnishings, we are always eager to design and develop the top-notch products with utmost quality standards.

In 2017 Mr. Gaurav Kumar & Mr. Anil Ahlawat applied a lot of innovative ideas into the establishment of this empire, which have been hugely beneficial for the company till now, Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Anil did not only find the idea to establish this reign but also consolidate the women empowerment by availing ample opportunities to the women. He introduced many cultural arts and techniques that displayed the perfection of craftsmanship. Through his ideas, we have redefined tradition and ethical arts by crafting carpets with its proficiency. It has been enabling us to innovate new designs of floor coverings. Women have profoundly been benefited from such a supportive culture of our organization.


As our name is Thrifty Treasure, providing best quality and economical products to all in the world is the driving force behind our dedicated, experienced and professionally skilled team. We not only sell products but assurance of quality, health and happiness. We are not only empowered with vision to turn possibilities in opportunities but also motivated to deliver services nothing less than the best.

Founder Member

Thrifty treasure is really very helpful source to get quality with the best price.
Dushyant Dogra Technical Manager
I would like to describe my personal experience about thrifty treasure is only company that you can trust blindly for buying goods as that person having good knowledge of quality
Neeshu Sharma Operations Manager


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